Radiant Cargo offers the following services for your skin care needs.
Relax, enjoy, let us pamper you.



1 Hour 15 minutes $120

The star facial treatment.  A highly effective cleansing and oxygenation treatment.  Incorporates mild electrotherapy for deep penetration of plant-based active ingredients creating an antibacterial effect.  Your complexion is balanced, healthy and glowing.



1 Hour $95

  Rejuvenating and Lifting Treatment.  A Pro Collagen Concentrate to promote your skin's elasticity; also includes the Thermolift Mask which creates an instant tightening action.  Anti-age serum for a firming effect.



50 Minutes $90

  A customized facial which combines the benefits of essential oils with de-stressing and tension reducing massage techniques, and a mask tailor made to your skin requirements for a healthy vibrant complexion.


Beaute Neuve

50 Minutes $95

  A Peeling Facial.  This treatment targets the removal of dead skin cells.  The fruit acids in the Peel'In gel penetrate the dead cells to cut the intercellular links.  The Clarimasque with pure vitamin C regenerates the elastic fibers and diminish pigmentation marks, leaving your skin radiant.


Refining Saunamask

1 Hour 15 Minutes $120

  A full body contouring treatment including papaya enzymes and essential oils.  The thermal sauna effect eliminates excess water and toxins, using detoxifying, remineralizing clay.  Promotes elimination of fats, refines by activating lipolysis, exfoliates and activates cell renewal by hyperaemia.

Vivant Skincare was developed by James E. Fulton MD., Ph.D., co-developer of Retin A®.


The Vivant Facial

1 Hour $90

  The best facial to initiate your acne treatment giving you the skin you've always wanted.  This facial also includes anti-pigmentation and fine line reduction.  Vitamin A works to remodel the skin on a cellular level.


Gentlemen's Hot Towel Facial

50 minutes $85

  Benefits all types of skin including sensitive.  The combined ingredients will help soothe and calm irritated skin while balancing lipid levels and protection against free radical damage.  Circulation is increased and lines and age spots are diminished.  The skin is refined, moisturized and the support structure is enhanced



1 Hour $110

  From the Swiss Alps.  Double stem cell serum complex boosts the production of human skin cells, protects the skin cells against UV radiation, and fights photo aging.  Deep oxygen plasma transfers pure oxygen into the lower skin layers and breathes life into the skin for immediate rejuvenation


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Under Arm
Half Leg
Full Leg

Starting at $40

Paraffin Treatment












Bridal Party Make-Up Application


  Starting at $70


Permanent Make-Up


  Free Consultation by Appointment


Botox, Juvederm & Radiesse Treatments
Offered by Adrienne M. Curran, Jr., M.D.


  Free Consultation by Appointment


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Radiant Express - 1 Hour 30 Minutes $85


  Face Wax


Radiant Glow - 1 Hour 30 minutes $105




Radiant Aura - 2 Hours $125




Radiant Relax - 2 Hours 30 minutes $140


  Swedish Massage


Radiant Bridal Package - 2 Hours $120


  Express Manicure & Pedicure
Face Wax


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The Swedish Massage

1 Hour -$90 • 80 Minutes $120

  The Swedish Massage is a gentle, detoxifying and relaxing experience. A combination of flowing strokes will increase circulation. You will feel totally relaxed.


Deep Tissue Massage

1 Hour -$100 • 80 Minutes $130

  Deep Tissue is especially great for tired, over-worked muscles. Relieving the tensions and allowing for better range of motion.


Couples Swedish Massage
Couples Deep Tissue Massage

1 Hour -$180 • 90 Minutes $240
1 Hour -$190 • 90 Minutes $280

  Your choice of one of the amazing massages above.

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