Which Key West spa treatment can you expect to pay for?

Key West has just launched its spa treatment service Key West, a service which offers customers a selection of spa treatments at various rates and prices, but only for those who choose to pay up.

The service was launched on Monday, September 15th and has been rolling out since the end of September, meaning it has already been widely advertised on social media and in local news. 

Key West’s spa treatments are available for just $10 per visit, although there are some other spa treatments as well. 

“It’s not just a spa experience, it’s a holistic treatment experience.

It’s an amazing way to make your skin look so healthy and fresh.

It gives you a chance to learn a whole new way of looking,” the company explained in a press release. 

For those looking for something different, you can also opt for one of Key West’s “natural skin care products”. 

“Key West is committed to bringing the best in natural skin care to the world.

We’re offering the best skin care at the best prices,” the release continued. 

One of the treatments is the Bali-inspired “natural skincare” which features coconut oil and avocado oil.

The skin is treated with a blend of coconut oil, coconut milk, avocado oil and coconut water, while a combination of oils and humectants are used to make the skin feel soft and hydrated. 

Another spa treatment is the “natural detox” which involves applying “natural herbal and organic extracts to your skin and body” to help you feel clean and detoxified. 

The products are priced at $19.99 per visit. 

If you’re looking for more of a holistic experience, the spa is also offering a free appointment on a daily basis for those customers who have not made their own appointment. 

On top of the spa treatments, customers can also choose from other spa products, such as “skin cleansing”, “anti-aging”, “exfoliation”, “hyaluronic acid facial and body treatments” and “treatments for acne”. 

Key Western has also launched its own beauty and wellness services, and recently launched a line of “beauty products” for those with oily skin. 

In terms of spa treatment, customers will have the option to choose from a range of treatments, including “natural facial cleansers” and “skin treatments” which are aimed at reducing oiliness and looking more youthful. 

What do you think about Key West offering spa treatments?

Are you planning to make an appointment for one, or do you just want to go in for a quick wash?

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