Florida Keys spa’s salon sales fall 0.1%

By Laura FuhrmanAssociated PressAssociated PressPosted March 07, 2019 11:16PMHARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) As he prepared to take his first day of vacation with his family, a young groom at a Florida Keys salon had trouble finding a room.

So he called a friend.

When he tried to leave a few hours later, he heard a voice behind him: “Where are you going?”

“He was like, ‘It’s the groom’s room,'” the friend, who didn’t want to be identified, told The Associated Press.

“He didn’t really want to leave the room.

So he came back and we went back to the room, and he said, ‘Where’s the bride?'”

The friend, a local resident, said he asked the groom, who was on a private jet, if he wanted to go to the reception.

He was told no, so he went back home.

A month later, a man called the hotel and asked for his girlfriend, who had just moved into the hotel with her boyfriend, to come pick him up.

The groom said he didn’t think she was ready, and she left.

But in March, the groom and his girlfriend went to the same salon, where a staff member told them the room was reserved.

The owner, a former student of the groom who had moved in, said the room is now used for the groom.

The business was founded in the late 1970s by a young man, George Ponzi, and his wife, Maria, who sold their house to pay for the renovation.

George Ponzich, who died in 2009, was a student at the University of Florida, which opened the salon in 1997.

He also helped finance the renovation of the resort, which was closed when the resort closed in 2012.

The salon opened in 2006 and has a clientele of around 500 people, many of whom are the wealthy and well-connected.

The salon’s website lists three locations, including the hotel, and its website says the hotel offers a spa, massage therapy and a salon.

The owners declined to comment.

Maria Ponzigich, George’s daughter, said her father would never have wanted to do this if it weren’t for Maria and George.

She said her dad would not have gone to the Bahamas for the wedding or for the vacation if he knew it was going to be his last, and said she is still sad about his death.

“I think he just wanted to take a vacation, and that’s what he had to do,” Maria Ponziegich said.

The resort is also home to the annual Key West International Airport Festival, which draws thousands of visitors, including celebrities, from around the world.

The hotel has a spa and salon and offers a restaurant, according to its website.

It was the site of a 2016 shooting that killed four people and wounded more than 20.

The hotel is owned by an American-based company that also owns the resort.

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