The most dangerous beaches in the Caribbean

Key West, Florida, is the second most dangerous beach in the U.S. by percentage of the total number of visitors in 2017, according to a new study.

The resort has one of the highest rates of beach-related fatalities in the country.

The study was conducted by the Florida Keys Conservancy, the International Organization for Migration and the U,S.

Department of Health and Human Services.

The research team looked at how many people have died at the resort since the 1970s, the year the resort opened.

They also analyzed how many beach-side deaths were linked to specific events, such as drowning, violent encounters with law enforcement or the accidental drowning of someone else.

Key West is not alone in the nation’s top 10.

The highest rate of deaths at Key West occurred in 2016, when at least 11 people were killed.

The researchers analyzed data from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which tracks law enforcement fatalities, the Florida State Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Coastal Commission.

They found that deaths at the beach jumped from 3,621 in 1990 to 4,724 in 2016.

“We have to remember that, at that time, it was still a tropical island,” says Jennifer Loughlin, who leads the Conservancy’s Miami Beach program.

The beach is not as safe today, Loughlins says.

In the 1990s, Key West was one of only three Caribbean resorts that had no official data on deaths related to drug use. “

And, we know that for every death there are many lives saved.”

In the 1990s, Key West was one of only three Caribbean resorts that had no official data on deaths related to drug use.

But in 2017 there were 1,000 reported drug-related deaths, according, according the study.

Key west has a high death toll because of an epidemic of HIV, the disease that causes AIDS.

There are no drug treatment programs, and many of the island’s hotels have closed due to the virus.

As a result, the islanders are often homeless and in desperate need of shelter.

As the resort has grown, the number of fatalities has dropped, but the trend is still upward.

Key western also has a lot of work to do.

The Conservancy is calling for more money to help local governments, as well as the government of Puerto Rico.

The group says the region needs $6.4 billion in additional funds to meet the island nation’s emergency needs, including health care, infrastructure and housing.

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