What to know about Key West salons in 2017

Key West, Florida—The Key West Salons Association is calling on Key West residents to come out to vote for a new mayor in the upcoming elections.

According to the organization, the group is holding an online poll to determine who will be the mayor of Key West.

The poll is scheduled to run through Saturday.

If the candidates make it to the end of the poll, they will face off against each other in a runoff election.

The Key Newswatch News reports that the poll was launched by the association last week.

“We wanted to get people out there to show the city that the people want to have their voices heard,” said Mark Smith, president of the association.

“The election is here and it’s about time.”

Smith added that he thinks Key West is one of the safest places in the country for voters to cast their ballot.

“I think it’s an amazing city.

It’s the safest place in the United States,” Smith said.

“If you’re a person who has a car or a bike, or is a college student, or has a business, or you have kids, or somebody who works outside, or a person that is homeless, then you should definitely vote.”

Key West has a population of more than 5.5 million people.

According to the Associated Press, the poll is open until May 2.

Key West Mayor James Smith said he believes voters will be voting for a candidate who will represent their community.

“There are some amazing people in this city, and I want to make sure that they are represented by the best candidate for the city,” Smith told the AP.

Smith is a former Republican candidate for governor.

He said that he and his fellow association members are hoping to attract as many residents to the polls as possible.

“It’s just so important that we are all united and show that we’re united, that we stand up for each other,” Smith explained.

The association also has a website that allows people to vote online.

“A lot of us live here, and it just shows the people are passionate,” Smith added.

The Associated Press also reports that there have been some issues with some Key West businesses, including the Key West Bar and Grill, and a chain of salons that offers manicures and pedicures in Key Largo.

The Associated Press reports that at least three Key West bars have been closed in the past year due to the high number of visitors who visit the area.

A few businesses, such as Key West Pizza, have been forced to shut down and some residents have complained about parking restrictions.

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