What is the Key West scent and why does it make people smell so much better?

Key West, Florida, is known as a major destination for beachgoers who prefer to spend their summer vacations in the city’s hot, sand-drenched waters.

But it also has a reputation as a hotbed for the toxic chemical that’s used in perfume.

And the latest news to make people feel a little nauseous is a new perfume that’s been designed to make you smell like a fish.

The new scent is called “Key West Pheromones,” and it’s described as a “shark fin scent.”

Its name comes from the Key Western Pheromonal, a scent that was discovered during the late 19th century.

The name comes directly from the phrase “sharks fin” meaning the “fin of the sea.”

Its first mention was in a 19th-century advertisement for the “Key-West” line of soap, according to the Washington Post.

“The Key West Pheomones” fragrance comes in two flavors: one with white grapefruit and the other with pineapple.

It’s available in two sizes: a six-ounce bottle and a one-ounce can.

Pheromone expert Dr. Jodie Guevara, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, told ABC News that the chemical used in Key West’s latest fragrance is called dioxins, which are highly toxic.

Dioxins are used as pesticides in factories, and their widespread use has led to an increase in allergies and cancer in humans.

Guevala said that the new Key West fragrance contains dioxin levels up to 40 times higher than normal.

She said that people who use perfumes with high levels of dioxinos can develop skin reactions that can be deadly.

There are more than 1,400 chemicals in perfumes, according the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and they can affect the health of people, animals and plants.

But there’s another chemical called benzene that is linked to skin allergies and asthma.

It’s also a common ingredient in perfumed products.

Benzene can cause skin irritation, asthma and other reactions in some people.

And benzene is often found in some of the most expensive perfumes and other fragrances.

According to the FDA, benzene can trigger allergic reactions in the elderly, pregnant women and people with skin allergies.

This fragrance, however, is made with a lower-than-average amount of benzene, according a spokesperson for the company.

In a press release, Key West said that it was not the first time the company has used dioxis and benzene in its products. 

In 2012, it also partnered with DuPont to create a new scent, dubbed “Key Star.”

It was made with the same chemical ingredients and uses a similar formula to Key West.

Now, this new fragrance might be making you sick, but it’s still a great buy for the price. 

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  A new fragrance has been released by Key West that smells like a shark fin. 


A company is using chemicals that are linked to asthma to make their perfume smell like shark fins. 


Key West has a new fragrance with a “Shark Fin” scent. 


What’s in your perfume? 


Are you a fish lover? 


How do you feel about shark fins? 7.

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