How to avoid the Key West massages that you know and love

A man was at a Key West spa in Florida on Saturday, and he didn’t leave without seeing a massage parlor that’s been around for decades.

The man had just bought the spa’s signature Key West Massage and Body Therapy from the company, which also specializes in massage therapy and home care, when he arrived.

As the sun rose on Saturday morning, he was met by a host of Key West employees and their clients, who offered him a massage in a spacious room.

They even made him a cup of hot cocoa, which he shared with them and then passed around to the crowd.

(You can watch the video above.)

The masseuse and her assistant helped the man with his back and shoulders, as well as his back, and helped him with his shoulders and back.

“It was a very professional experience,” the man said.

He told BuzzFeed News that he didn.

“This is the kind of thing that we need more of, because I feel like I am the only one here.”

He was later joined by two other men, who all seemed to have been there since Sunday.

The masseur also helped the two men massage the other man, but he didn: “The one who was there before me, he couldn’t help but notice that I was the only woman in the room, because he saw me standing in front of him.”

He told The Huffington Post that they each had about 10 minutes to do a few bodywork.

One of the men did what the masseuse suggested: a massage on his back.

He said that he felt as though he was working with a real man and that the man he was massageing felt the same way.

“He was very supportive of me, so I felt comfortable,” he said.

The massage did take some getting used to, as the man explained that he could feel the pain of his back in his back after being massaged by the woman, and that he did need to adjust the angle of the back.

But, he said, it was all worth it.

“I felt so happy and relieved after I got it done,” he told BuzzFeed.

“When I finished it, I was so happy.”

The man told BuzzFeed that the company is known for its low prices and friendly staff, and the men who work there are all very nice.

The company has also been accused of racism, with a group of women accusing the company of treating them differently than men, and of charging men more than women.

“They are supposed to be here to provide care, not to make money,” one of the women said.

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