How to avoid ‘shopping like it’s 2007’

Key West, Florida—For a town that was once called the “world’s premier resort destination,” the nation’s largest city has lost some of its glamour and swagger. 

A number of Key Wests restaurants have shuttered since February, with more to come. 

The city has been hit hard by a string of natural disasters that have left more than $40 million in damage and left hundreds of people homeless. 

According to the Palm Beach Post, a new restaurant on the Key West strip has shuttered due to a lack of customers, and many bars and restaurants have also been forced to shut down. 

For some locals, the city has become the kind of tourist destination that has little appeal. 

“It’s the same old story,” said Kari Kostka, a 22-year-old Key West resident who said she has been living in Key West for two years. 

In recent years, the town has been inundated with tourists, and locals have started to question their values and priorities. 

There is still a sense of pride in the Key Western community, which is home to more than 1,000 people, but residents say it has lost much of its charm and spirit. 

On Feb. 9, the Key News reported that several restaurants had closed down across Key West because of the recent hurricanes. 

While it is true that some businesses have closed, many have been unable to reopen, including several popular establishments in Key Bar and Bar Bar in the West End neighborhood. 

Some of Key’s most famous restaurants, such as the Old Key West restaurant, the Old Town Bar and Restaurant, and the iconic Key West Casino and Resort, have also closed. 

It is unclear how many businesses have been forced into closure, but some have been left to take their place at the tail end of the season, said Kostika. 

Despite the economic crisis, Key West residents are still trying to figure out how to make a living. 

At the New Orleans Hilton Hotel, many guests are staying for their Christmas parties. 

Kostka said that during the summer months, people are often more likely to stay in the city for vacation, rather than spend time with family. 

However, when the weather is warm, people come here to relax, she said. 

One of the citys top attractions is the beach, which locals love to explore and eat on. 

But Key West is experiencing a wave of cancellations of popular attractions due to the natural disasters. 

 At several Key West casinos, customers are being asked to stay away. 

During a recent visit, hotel guests were told that casinos were shutting down due to hurricane-related closures, and a hotel security guard at the hotel said they were told to “take care of yourself.” 

Some hotels have shut down all day long, but others have only closed during the daytime. 

An employee at the Atlantic City Casino told the newspaper that they had received phone calls from guests who were asked to “be on the lookout for their cars” and to keep an eye on their windows and doors. 

As a result, a number of casino customers are unable to get to their rooms for the weekend. 

Although Key West has been experiencing a decline in tourism, many locals have decided to stay home during the holiday season. 

Local residents have even started to boycott Key West hotels and restaurants because they do not want to have to go to Key West again. 

After a number more hotels have closed down due the hurricanes, the number of tourists in the area has also dwindled. 

Another major tourist attraction is the Key Beach, which hosts Key West’s annual Key West Carnival, a major tourist event that attracts more than 500,000 visitors to the island. 

Many locals have said they will be forced to stay at the Key Bar bar, which has been closed down.

 Many locals are now looking to other Key West destinations. 

Derek Siegel, who has lived in Key Key for four years, said he has noticed a shift in the local economy. 

He said he saw a shift from the town’s traditional business to a new tourism industry. 

New businesses have sprung up and he sees a return of some of the old Key West charm. 

When he visits the city on vacation, he said he enjoys the town and the restaurants. 

With the natural hazards of the hurricanes in Key Beach’s wake, many residents are now wondering if Key West will be able to continue to attract visitors to Key Beach. 

Stay up-to-date on the Hurricane Matthew storm, its aftermath, and its impact on Key West. 

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