Key West spa’s facials and spas are hot topic

Key West, Florida —  A key West spa in Key West has a facial and spay clinic, and there’s talk of a spay/neuter program in the neighborhood. 

Brunswick, Florida, and Miami-Dade County officials are discussing plans for a spanish-themed spas at its spa.

“It’s about getting out of the way of the animals and getting out into the community,” said Jim Gifford, president of the Florida Keys Spas, a group that represents more than 10,000 licensed spas in Florida.

Gifford said the group has met with several organizations and businesses that are interested in the idea of a spa that focuses on spaying and neutering animals.

He said a group of veterinarians and animal advocates met recently to discuss the idea, and he said it could be part of a bigger vision for a community center and animal care facility.

The Florida Keys spa is owned by The Spas International, a Spanish-speaking company. 

“It would be nice to be part [of] something that has a real passion for this,” said Lisa Schuster, owner of The Spa.

She said she and other owners are looking at a variety of locations for the spa, including a resort-style complex in Miami Beach.

The spa is already open, but the owners plan to open the facility next week.

The resort complex would offer private rooms for spay and neuter services, a veterinary clinic and an educational center.

The owner of the spa said she has plans to build a spa with spay units for animals that are neutered.

The Spas is a nonprofit organization that operates spas across the Florida state line, including in Miami, Palm Beach and Key West.

They offer spay, neutering and spaying services to animals and people.

Giffords hopes to open a similar facility in the Miami area in the next year or so.

Schuster said the owners of the Key West spas don’t necessarily have to be from Key West or Miami, but they could benefit from the area’s rich animal-friendly culture.

“We want to be in Key Wives or in Key Biscuits,” she said.

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