‘Panda’ signs a $3 million dollar deal to host the world’s largest aquarium for pandas

Key West, Florida, May 18, 2018 — The world’s biggest aquarium, located in Key West for over 100 years, has signed a new $3.8 million agreement with Panda Aquarium International (PAI) to host its annual pandas and tigers event.

The deal, announced Wednesday by PAI President Dr. Daniela Lutz, includes an agreement for PAI to pay $1.5 million to PAI’s pet industry partners, which includes the Florida Keys Spas, a spa, pet supply stores, pet boarding, and more.

This agreement is the largest pet industry partnership ever reached by PAIs global partnership partners.

The agreement also includes a $300,000 gift to PAIs Animal Rescue, a nonprofit dedicated to providing veterinary care for animals in need.

PAI will continue to support the organization by providing educational opportunities, sponsorships, and other initiatives.

The announcement comes on the heels of a $1 million donation to PAÍS animal rescue organization from a global pet supply company, which will also benefit PAÍs conservation efforts.

PAÍA, a subsidiary of PAI, is the leading international pet supply and pet boarding company in the world, providing over 1,500 pet care facilities, pet stores, veterinary clinics, and pet transportation services, and manages over 2,000 pet boarding centers.

With over 80,000 pets, PAÍAs pet stores are the world´s largest in terms of pet supply volume.

PAIs veterinary clinics and facilities are accredited by the Association of Pet Hospitals, Pet Owners Association of America (POHA), and are the largest in the U.S. and Europe.

PAi operates in 20 countries worldwide, including India, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, Chile and Argentina.

It operates the largest network of veterinary clinics in the Caribbean and South America, as well as pet boarding facilities and pet hotels in over 25 countries, with more than 5,000 veterinarians, veterinary surgeons, veterinarians’ assistants, and others who work in PAI´s veterinary clinics.

The pandas will be at PAI for the event, which begins May 20 and will feature an extensive schedule of activities that will include live pandas, zoo, entertainment, education, and events that include live entertainment, face painting, face splicing, and even a pet parade.

PAIS pandas are born and raised in Florida, where they are the pride of the Key West Zoo and are regularly sighted in Florida.

The zoo is home to over 1 million animals, and the pandas were born in Florida and are bred at the Key Wilds Zoo in Sarasota, Florida.

PAIO, the largest and most experienced pet supply chain in the Americas, has a rich history of bringing animals from around the world to Key West.

In addition to the pet supply, PAI has an extensive line of veterinary supplies and services.

PAIRS is the second largest pet supply retailer in the United States, and PAI provides more than 1,000 veterinary clinics to its clients.

PAII is the world leader in pet insurance, and has a robust and diversified portfolio of services, including pet boarding and veterinary services.

The company also offers training, certification and training related services, as a member of the Association for Pet Health Professionals (APHP).

PAI is also committed to supporting the pet industry through its Animal Rescue Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing the best and most compassionate care to pets.

The Foundation’s mission is to educate and support the pet community, promote veterinary and veterinary related education, research, and conservation, and to build a network of people with a shared passion and shared goals to rescue and rescue animals.

PAIE’s new pandas agreement will provide PAI with additional funding to enhance the company´s animal care and caregiving capabilities, including a $250,000 grant that will support PAI animal rescue activities and programs and an additional $250.000 grant for PAIs animal rescue program and the APHP Animal Rescue Training and Certification Program.

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