Key West Massage for the Rich

Key West, Florida — After a week of intense campaigning, Donald Trump is poised to take on Hillary Clinton for the presidency on November 8.

Trump’s campaign released an ad this week showing a man standing in front of a smiling Trump shaking hands with his wife and daughters.

“I’ve got a lot to say,” Trump said, his eyes lighting up.

“But I’m going to get on TV and say it.”

Trump also took a moment to hug his wife Melania, and then a few more moments to hug the children.

Afterward, Trump thanked the crowd for the warm reception, and said he was “excited.”

But he was also clear that the day would not end in victory.

“We’re not going to be finished,” Trump told a crowd in Miami.

“Our goal is to win, and I can promise you that we’re not done.”

Trump, who was born in New York, has been campaigning with an image of himself as the “law and order candidate” since he launched his campaign in August 2016.

He has spent months building a campaign apparatus that has made him one of the most visible politicians in the country, building a television advertising budget of $5.7 million and deploying staff who have been on the ground in more than 40 states.

And as the campaign moves into the final stretch, Trump has been putting on a show that is often surprising and entertaining.

On Monday, Trump visited a hotel where the Secret Service guards were waiting to escort him to the campaign rally.

The visit was his first in the Key West area since early August, when he was stopped by security at a rally in South Carolina and escorted to a hotel by a woman who had been watching him.

Trump was joined by a group of people he had met at a campaign event, including Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Florida Governor Brad Saller and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

Trump also spent a day on the golf course with Florida Republican Party Chairman Mike Manley, who is widely expected to run for the seat that Trump lost to him in the general election.

“It’s going to turn out great,” Manley told reporters.

“The next step is to get the Florida people in a better mood, and he’s the best candidate in the state for Florida.

He knows the state.”

Trump has had a rough few weeks on the campaign trail.

His response to the Orlando mass shooting on June 12, when a gunman opened fire inside a gay nightclub, and his comments about the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black community during a debate with Hillary Clinton on CNN on Sept. 3, have caused some problems for the campaign.

He also has been hit by accusations of lying about his wealth, saying that he is worth $10 billion but has only made $5 million, and that he has lost more than $100 million.

But he has also been embraced by his supporters, who have flocked to the rallies in key battleground states, where Trump has taken advantage of his image to make a big splash.

“He’s got a message, and we’ve got to give him that message,” said Brian Lonsdale, a retired insurance agent from Palm Beach County, Florida.

“You don’t need to be a billionaire to win this election.

He’s got that message.”

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