Why it’s a win for Trump, for Palm Beach, and for Palm beach’s gay community

Trump on Monday pardoned two men who were convicted of sexually assaulting gay men and women in Palm Beach and Key West in the 1980s.

In a statement, Trump said the two men, who were among more than 20 people convicted of sexual assaults in Palm and Key, deserved the chance to serve their time.

The two men were convicted in 1989, but Trump said they were not eligible for release pending the completion of their appeals.

“They deserve to be given a chance to go home to their families,” Trump said in the statement.

“The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office is currently reviewing the case.

As soon as it is complete, I will announce the names of those individuals and the circumstances under which they were released from prison.”

Trump’s pardon of the men came in a speech he gave at the Palm Beach Convention Center, which is located near Key West.

The men, Jeffrey and Richard Schuster, were convicted by a jury in 1988 and 1990 of the second-degree sexual assault of an adult male in Palm Bay.

They served five years in prison.

They were pardoned by Trump on Sunday.

The Schuster family, however, was not pleased with the move.

The family filed a lawsuit against the president for the pardon, and said the pardon was based on the Schuster case, not the entire case.

“As far as the president is concerned, we don’t care what happened to the Schusters, and we don

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