Keys spa to open in Palm Beach County, Palm Beach-based massage and spa owner tells local media

Key West massage and salon owner Chris McKeon is planning to open a Florida Keys spa in Palm Bay County in the coming months, the Key West News reports.

The Key West Spa, which McKeons plans to open next to the Coral Reef Resort & Spa, will be located in the same location where he currently operates, the news outlet said.

McKeondes family is also a Palm Beach resident, the outlet said, adding that the Florida Keys is an area that’s known for attracting some of the best vacation spots in the world.

It is unclear how much McKeoneys business will involve salons, but the outlet added that the owner hopes to be able to offer “luxury treatments” to visitors, and will be able offer massage therapy as well.

McKeon previously opened a Palm Bay spa, the Coral Coral, in 2016, but it was not until March 2017 that he opened a Key West spa, according to the Palm Beach Post.

He has already been open in Key Largo, Key Biscayne and Key West for a few years now.

In March, he announced plans to relocate his Key West business to Key Boca Beach, the Palm Bay Sun reports.

McKeeons father, Charles, was one of the founding members of the Florida Key West Salons and Spa, and he has been working to open up more Florida Keys salons in the past several years, the News noted.

McNiece said she and her husband, who also owns the Key Licket nightclub, are planning to relocate to Key West.

They are currently planning to move to Key Loca, she said.

McNeal said the resort will feature spa treatments and a variety of services including massage, body work and massages to accommodate customers from all over the world, according the Palm BEACH Post.

It was unclear whether McKeoys family would be able the help McKeones to open the new Florida Keys resort.

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