When a spas in Key West, Florida gets a massage

Spas in the Key West area have a new and different approach to keeping guests and customers happy.

One of them is the Key Western Massage Spa.

Owner, Jennifer P. Johnson, is a massage therapist who has worked in spas across the country and around the world.

She has been in the spa business for over 30 years and says she has never had an experience like this in Key Wards Florida.

“I had clients coming in and I would just massage them for the first time and tell them what was going on,” Johnson said.

“So they would start to be a little bit apprehensive because they thought, ‘What’s happening here?'”

Johnson says she had seen people who were anxious and nervous.

“They were not going to be comfortable with that,” Johnson continued.

“And then I would ask them, ‘Are you ready to take your time?'”

Johnson said when she saw people who could not handle the experience, she wanted to take the chance and try to get a massage too.

She did not get the chance to try out the service until about two years ago, but she says it is a wonderful way to stay in touch with people.

Johnson said the Key Wands Massage spa is run by a team of massage therapists who work with guests who want a massage and have already met with Johnson.

Johnson says her clients come to the spa with the same mindset as when they first walked in.

“The most important thing is they want to feel good,” Johnson explained.

“They want to be safe and they want their body to feel great.”

Johnson says the spa is a little different than the other spas she has worked with.

Johnson has worked at spas for many years, including a year at the Boca Raton Spa.

“My clients would go there because it is safe and I felt that it was a safe place for them,” Johnson told Medical News Now.

Johnson did not want to get into too much detail about the massage service, but said they provide a lot of different types of massage.

For instance, the spa has a massage machine that has a variety of styles and is designed to help people relax.

Johnson also said they do not just offer a massage for free.

“If they are in a rush they can come in with their credit card and get a $10 massage for $25,” Johnson shared.

Johnson hopes the service will become a regular part of Key West’s tourist population and help boost the tourism industry.

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