Key West spash: A salon in Key Wards has opened its doors to the public to share their passion for facial hair

Key West residents are sharing their passion with each other to recreate the iconic Key West style in their own way.

The Key West Salon in downtown Key West has launched a website to help people recreate their favourite hairstyles and styles.

The salon owner said he wanted to open his business up to the community.

“We really wanted to make this for our community, to share with the community, and to give our customers what they wanted and deserve, and that’s the beauty salon, the fun salon, and the lifestyle,” he said.

“You can go down to the beach and you can have your own surfboards and you’ll see people who are looking to have a haircut, to go to the pool and go for a swim and be that little bit more,” he added.

The barber shop owner said the salon had about 150 customers a day, many of whom had spent years learning the art of barbering.

“Our customers are people who just want to have that signature look.

It’s all about the barber and how you do it and how to get it,” he explained.”

Some people come from the US and want to do it their own.

Some people want to go down here and do it the old-fashioned way.”

The salon opened its first location in Key Largo, where its owners are currently in the process of opening a second location.

The owners said they had not only a passion for the Key West aesthetic, but also had an affinity for Key West’s beaches.

“This is something we’ve always wanted to do,” Mr Salomone said.

“We’re in Key, and we love Key West and we want to share that with the world.”

It’s a beautiful place, a beautiful city, but we also love to get in our surfboards, to surf in our swimsuits, to have the beauty of Key West.

“The Key WARD Salon is a collaboration between Mr Salomon and local photographer James Rugg.

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