‘Key West’ spa, spa treatments and facial treatments are the hottest trends on the market

Key West spa treatments are on the rise in the key city as key spa brands like Key West Facials and Key West Massages, along with its flagship spa, Key West Spa and Bodyworks, are expanding their presence in the city. 

The number of Key West facial parlors has jumped by more than 100 percent in the past year, said Sarah Mott, senior vice president of operations for Key West Cosmetics, a Key West-based company that specializes in facial and body care. 

Key West Cosmetically, the brand is the latest in a line of beauty brands that have expanded into Key West. 

“Our sales are definitely up because of Key, it’s kind of our best-selling spa brand,” Mott said. 

 “Key is just a great brand to start out with.” 

 Mott said the company has been getting an influx of clients who want to experience the best of the brand. 

She said the spa was able to expand its facilities by creating a more customized and spa-like experience. 

“It’s kind to bring the essence of Key into the city,” Mett said.

“It’s just a beautiful spa, but at the same time it’s a spa for everybody.” 

The company also launched a second Key West brand called Key West Beauty, which was launched last year and was also based in Key West but is now located in Florida. 

A spokesperson for Key Western Cosmetics said they were unable to comment on specific spa brands. 

It was a popular spa for celebrities to come to, but now the number of spa appointments is limited to the Key West area, said Chris Johnson, senior director of the marketing department for the Key Western Chamber of Commerce.

“When you’re the biggest city in the world, and there are so many other things to do, it can be tough to find time for a spa appointment,” Johnson said.

“But it’s really great to have a place to get your nails done.” 

Johnson said the Chamber of Business wants Key West to be an anchor in Key to attract people who are interested in the region’s natural beauty.

“We want the community to come see Key West as a place of natural beauty,” Johnson added. 

According to Johnson, the Chamber is looking to expand to Key West over the next few years, and has been in contact with Key West officials. 

While Key West is seeing a surge in demand, it is not the only spa brand in town, Johnson said, and it is important for Key to maintain its strong brand presence. 

Johnson and Mott both said the Key’s popularity is due to the beauty brand’s location in the Key.

“Key’s a place where people have a desire to go and experience the world,” Merts said.

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