Key West massage,spas and spa treatments

Key West, Florida, has seen a rise in visitors over the past two weeks.

The resort, which opened in 1990 and closed in 2008, has been the focus of a national controversy over its spa treatment of patients suffering from a variety of ailments, from psoriasis to Lyme disease.

While some of the treatments have been popular with visitors, some have caused controversy.

A Florida Keys spa that treats visitors with massage, facial and skin treatments was removed by authorities and shut down in the fall.

Florida Keys officials have blamed the spa for not keeping records of its patients, but critics say the facilities lack accountability and patients suffer from poor facilities.

A spokeswoman for Florida Keys Spas said she couldn’t comment on the matter because of privacy concerns.

However, the spa did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Next Media.

In the past, some Florida Keys visitors have complained about the spa treatment, including one man who went to the spa with a rash, and others who complained that they felt uncomfortable and unwell at the spa after a trip there.

In response to the complaints, Key West announced in January that it would close the spa on Nov. 2, two days before a federal court issued a restraining order against it.

In June, the resort announced it would temporarily close the resort for one month, after a federal judge ordered it to provide adequate medical and safety training for employees and visitors.

In March, Key Spas filed for bankruptcy, citing a shortfall in operating income, and the resort closed in December.

The latest Florida Keys visitor numbers came as the resort has been under federal and state investigations for its care of patients with chronic conditions, including psorias, lupus, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer.

The state also investigated the spa following a complaint that staff failed to properly check that patients were not sick.

In August, the Florida Keys National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced it was opening an investigation into the spa.

In October, the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission filed a lawsuit alleging that the spa’s management failed to ensure that its employees followed the standards of the American Board of Homeopathy and other organizations that certify homeopathic treatments.

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