Key West spa is offering ’boutique’ pricing for guests

Key West Spa is offering a discount on all its spa services, including massage and whitewater rafting, for all guests booked online.

The popular spa on the Caribbean island of Key West will also be offering a 20 per cent discount on any spa visit booked online and on its app, as well as a 10 per cent off spa services and a 20 cent discount for VIP packages, according to the resort’s website.

The resort also said all guests will receive a free gift from Key West, and its staff will also receive a discount.

Key West Spa in Sydney is one of the top 10 in Australia for Spa and Spa Assist, according a recent study by the Australian Institute of Spa and Health.

The spa has been ranked as one of Australia’s best for both Spa and Assist services.

Key west has long been a popular destination for tourists, who flock there to enjoy a relaxed and romantic atmosphere, which also includes the iconic Key West Wharf.

Key points:Key West spa offers discount for all spa services booked online at and its app at www-keywest-special-deals.comThe spa is also offering discounts on its VIP packages as well, including the Key West VIP package which is a 10-day package for up to $50,000 and the Key Western Family VIP package for $100,000.

Key Western spa, which has been operating for 25 years, is renowned for its luxurious and unique tropical water facilities, which have earned the resort international recognition and been featured in Time magazine, the Sunday Times and the Financial Times.

The Spa and the spa’s website says all of its services are “premium and inclusive” for all of Key’s guests.

The hotel’s website also says all guests, regardless of how long they have been staying at the Key Worship Centre, will receive free gift certificates from the hotel.

It is also encouraging visitors to take advantage of special discounted spa services in the areas they frequent, including Key West Beach, Key West Resort and Key West Worship Center, which will be closed on Saturday.

Key West is located on the island of the same name.

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