The most beautiful weddings in Key West are getting a makeover

A wedding that started out with a couple of friends getting married in Key Worship in July is now getting a major facelift.

The Key West Association of Governments and Visitors says that the annual wedding celebration on Key West Island, on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, has undergone a major overhaul.

In 2018, the ceremony took place at a small island in the water off Key West, but the Key West Worship Center of Excellence is getting a full renovation.

In addition to new lighting and decorations, the wedding will now have a full bar and a full restaurant, as well as a full kitchen.

“The wedding ceremony on Key Worshi [sic] is the most beautiful in the world,” says Worship leader, Bob McLeod.

“We have a lot of people coming here, so it’s a real celebration of life.”

McLeod says he wants to get the ceremony moving again, and hopes to host weddings for couples for the next several years.

“We’re going to start to bring the wedding ceremonies to Key West in 2018, and we’re hoping that this will bring more people in, and it’s an opportunity for people to come and celebrate the life and the spirit of marriage and family,” he said.

The ceremony itself is still mostly the same, with the exception of a few additions, but this year’s guests are all more interested in seeing what the wedding is all about.

“It’s a little bit different this year.

This is a really special moment,” said Ashley White, who came to Key Wowers in October to be married.

White says the new bar has been upgraded to a modern bar, and her husband Ryan McLeod says it will be his first time serving a food menu.

“There are a lot more options now, and the food is really good,” said White.

“I was surprised to see the lighting, the new decorations.

It’s just been really amazing.””

We can’t wait to go,” said McLeod, adding that they’re going for the most romantic of looks for their reception.”

A lot of things are happening on Key and we wanted to make sure we had the perfect venue,” he added.

McLeod said that the new facilities are expected to be open by mid-February, and that they hope to have guests arriving by March.

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