How to do a Key West masseuse’s favorite massage trick

Key West, Florida: A Key West resort in Florida is being investigated after multiple complaints about a masseuse allegedly making “sexual advances” and other inappropriate comments to the men, according to a new report.

The Florida Post-Tribune reports that the incident began in February when a woman, who was not identified, told police that her male masseuse began “kissing and massaging” her on a beach near Key West.

She told police she went to a bathroom and discovered the man had been “kissed on the mouth and body and had massaged my legs and chest,” according to the report.

He then went to the restroom and “pushed against me and said he liked me and that he loved the way I looked and that I needed him to give me his attention and make me feel good,” the woman said in the report, which also says the woman had to remove her bikini top to avoid further “sexual harassment.”

The Post-Journal report, citing police, says the man also made a “sexual comment” to another man, who also was not named, while “massaging” the woman.

The woman says she then went back to the resort’s waterpark, where she and a friend decided to go to a massage bar and that’s when she says the masseuse “made a sexual comment” and made “sexual gestures to the male customer,” according a report from the Post-Protest.

“I didn’t know it was happening at that time, but I thought he was just trying to make a joke or trying to get me to laugh, but he was not,” she told police.

“I was just really hurt.

I felt really hurt and confused.

I was shocked.”

In response, the resort issued a statement saying that the resort is taking the situation very seriously.

The resort has since apologized for the incident and said it has since implemented new policies to improve its safety, the Post News reports.

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