What You Need to Know About Key West Spas,The Latest in Spa News

The Key West spa scene is going from strength to strength.

And the latest in spa news is a new spa in Key West that is expanding its service to include hot tubs, a sauna, a hot tub, and sauna.

Key West Spa, which opened in 2013, is offering a suite of hot tub services, and will also offer sauna and spa treatments, according to the spa’s website.

It also offers spa treatments in the sauna area, and there is also a saunas in the pool area.

We recently spoke to the owner of the new Key West Resort Spa, who described the concept as a more upscale version of Key West’s popular spa.

She says that the new Spa will have a full-service sauna for guests to shower, but they won’t be able to do that in the main resort. 

“We are very much geared towards the hotel and spa guests,” says Jennifer Dickey, who runs the Key West resort.

She explains that the idea is to provide guests with a spa experience where they can get their massage, but not necessarily their hot tub. 

“They are going to feel comfortable doing their hot bath and spa treatment,” she says. 

She says that all of the services are geared towards providing a safe and fun spa experience for the guests. 

 Dickey says that while she’s seen a lot of new additions to the resort in the past couple of years, this is the first time that a new service has opened in Key Wards Spa.

“We are excited to be opening the new service in Key World because of the amount of new and innovative service that’s coming in,” she tells E!


At the time of our visit, Key West was offering the saunats in the hotel spa and in the water-based sauna at the resort.

We’ll be sure to let you know more about this new offering. 

Key West is one of the hottest resorts in the United States, so you can bet that you’ll be able a better experience in the new spa than you will in the old resort.

And if you’ve been to the Key Wars spa before, you’ll see that it’s pretty impressive, and it’s one of those spots where you can really appreciate the beauty of the natural environment. 

Check out the video below to hear more about the new hotel and Spa.

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