What is Key West spa treatment?

Key West, Florida, is an iconic American city with a long history of hosting events.

Key West is also a popular vacation destination for tourists from around the world.

But over the past few years, many locals have become concerned about the safety of the resort.

Now, one Key West resident is seeking answers as to how she’s being treated.

On March 5, 2014, the town’s resident, Linda Lipp, received a phone call from her husband, Donald, who told her they had to move.

“The guy said, ‘We have to do this for your son.

We have to get out of here,’ and that’s when he said, `I have to move to Florida,'” Lipp told ABC News.

Lipp said she was shocked and upset by the news.

“I was really upset, because I’m an American citizen, but we’re not supposed to be here,” she said.

Lennas son, Anthony, had been living in Key West with his grandparents for the past two years.

She said he was scared of moving and worried about the cost of moving.

“He was very worried about it,” she told ABCNews.com.

Lipt said the family moved out of their home in February of this year, leaving the couple with only a one bedroom apartment.

Lipp said her husband was reluctant to move, but he ultimately agreed to the move.

The couple told ABC affiliate WTVT that they are very worried because Key West has a reputation as a dangerous place.

“It’s very scary for people to come and live in Key W,” Lipp added.

“It’s not a great place to live.

It’s very dangerous.”

The couple said they are also concerned about a recent attack on their home.

Lipt said her family’s cat died after a fire broke out there in December.ABC News’ Andrew Rafferty and Mark Linsley contributed to this report.

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