Key West spa treatment is “fraudulent” and “cannot be trusted”

A new service that allegedly claims to provide a “massage therapy” at Key West Spa is “unverified” and is not licensed, the city’s parks department said Tuesday.

The company, Key West Massage Therapy, claims to offer massage therapy for the elderly and infirm.

The agency is also concerned that the company’s website, which is also being investigated, “does not accurately reflect” the company.

The Key West Department of Parks and Recreation said in a statement that the agency is looking into whether the company is actually licensed and has received complaints about the company, which it said has received about two dozen complaints.

The Department of Tourism said the company has no staff.

“We are very concerned about the integrity of the business and our employees,” the department said.

“We are also very concerned that this company is a fraud.”

“We have no way to verify the authenticity of the information contained in the website,” the agency said.

The department said the information on the company website is misleading and misleading.

“As we are looking into this matter, we have not received any reports of harm from Key West’s massage therapy services,” the statement said.

A Key West employee told the Herald Sun newspaper that Key West did not have a massage therapist at the spa and that they were trying to reach out to the company to verify whether the massage service was actually available.

“They told us to contact the City of Key West,” the employee said.

“When I told them they didn’t have a masseuse, they didn.

They said we can call the City.

It’s bogus.”

A key point of concern is that the Key West location does not appear to be open for business.

The employee said that there is a security system at the site, but that the employee had no idea if it was operational or not.

The City of Miami also told the newspaper that it was investigating the Key Wests location, but had not received a complaint or complaint of harm.

The city’s Department of Human Services has not responded to requests for comment.

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